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Ningbo Jiufeng Machinery Co。, Ltd。 

Contacts: Miss Yu

Phone: 13355989668
Telephone: 86-0574-88448044
Fax: 86-0574-88059907

Address:Minle village Gaoqiao town, Yinzhou District,Ningbo City,Zhejiang Province.


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    Ningbo Jiufeng Machinery Co。, Ltd。  is a professional foundry enterprise which expand from Qiyang Metal  founded in August 1970 , producing various non-ferrous metal casting, special casting, with 30 years of casting experience and exquisite casting process, located in Tongtu Road which is main road in Ningbo City, near the Beilun Port which is famous as East China Harbor, between Liang Shanbo Temple and Jade court in the world which are both famous scenic spot in western suburbs in Ningbo City

    That build external image、accumulate internal strength、strengthen management、create benefit is enterprise purpose. We would like provide first-class casting sand mold and metal mold for domestic and foreign customers with excellent quality, first-class service. Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit.

    Applicable industry for our products: cargo ship diesel engine、metro suspension assembly、railway signal lamp fittings、large vehicle pipeline dredging equipment、high voltage transformer accessories、copper electrical connector、high strength aluminum magnesium alloy support for large greenhouse、knitting machine parts、satellite signal acceptance equipment and other engineering machinery basic parts products。


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